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SUSTAINABILITY…the way to move forward

You know how much we love what we do and how much passion and care we put into every single Miss Polyplexi bag we make. Since 2017, we have sold thousands of our unique Miss Polyplexi bag designs worldwide and we are so grateful for this and your support. We have now reached this stage where we would like to give some added value back to you, our society and environment. Therefore, we introduce the “MISS POLYPLEXI SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAM”.

Lots of yarns and materials used in the production of Miss Polyplexi bags have been wasted every year so far, but not anymore…because when raw materials are wasted so are the resources, both natural and human, which were invested into the handmaking process. By upcycling yarns and materials intended to reach waste – even though they are at their initial state and of same quality when initially purchased – we prolong their lifecycle, slow down unnecessary raw materials production and reduce the demand on natural resources. In addition, by upcycling redundant yarns and materials, we give these materials additional value as products of higher quality. This prevents them from being downcycled or discarded.

Hence why, our vision is to make Miss Polyplexi gradually more sustainable and “environmentally friendly”. Therefore, the majority of raw materials used in the handmaking process of Miss Polyplexi bags will be replaced by others which will minimize the negative impact on the environment, such as yarns made of cotton, and natural fibers overall, natural wood, bamboo, and many others. Additionally, the textiles used for inner lining will also be gradually replaced by sustainable fabrics, such as Tencel, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, etc.

By clicking here, you will find the Miss Polyplexi Sustainable Bag Collection that consists of a great variety of bags made of unique material combinations that do not compromise on the style and appearance.

Miss Polyplexi Sustainability Program



Consider repair before replacing your Miss Polyplexi Bag. For minor damages, we offer complimentary repairs for free. You only have to pay the postal expenses to send your bag to us. For larger damages, we offer repairing for a small fee as this is a bespoke service. You will need to send us your bag paying the postal expenses, we will evaluate the damage, then send you an e-mail to confirm if your bag can be repaired or not. If it can be repaired, then we will inform you about the fee prior to the repair. You have always the option to send us photos of the damage to avoid the hassle of sending us your bag and paying the postal expenses. Please email us at The Repair Program is about valuing and extending the life of your Miss Polyplexi Bag through not only strengthening it, but taking the time to make it beautiful as well.
This service applies to Miss Polyplexi Bags only and excludes tailoring and alterations comparing to the initial model purchased. We cannot repair rips, fabric flaws, or severe stains. Repairs are done by hand and may require up to 14 working days for completion depending on the damage.


As we use natural fibers, airing your bag outside is often enough to restore freshness. Think twice before washing, but when required we recommend using environmentally friendly detergents, cold water temperatures and line dry. Following this simple advice, you will reduce energy and contribute positively to the environment.


To reduce Miss Polyplexi Bags going to landfill, we offer a Take Back Program. We are currently in research and development, exploring options for recycling and repurposing the Miss Polyplexi Bags we will receive back in the most sustainable way. We need your help here, so please return your bags to our head offices and receive a 10€ voucher for your next purchase. Please email us at to inform us before you send your bag back. We will send you an e-mail back with the postal address and details about the voucher.

This service applies to Miss Polyplexi bags only. Bags need to be returned back as clean as possible.

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