About Us

MISS POLYPLEXI is all about handcrafted goodness. The brand’s philosophy has been built upon the principles of handmade art, uniqueness, high quality and great attention to detail.  Our purpose is to make every woman feel unique and special carrying her very own handmade bag.  A woman’s bag is her ultimate accessory! Not only, it completes & elevates her outfit, but also it carries for us “our whole world” which is full of small secrets! Why not make it unique and spread some handmade “magic” so that each one of us look different in her very own special way?

The designer and founder of MISS POLYPLEXI, Vasiliki Theodorou, is a passionate, ingenious and creative person. These three characteristics of her personality were inherited from her very special mum, whom she remembers knitting & crocheting – anything you can imagine! She was the one to teach Vasiliki the art of crocheting and make her love it ever after. Next to her mum, she learned to appreciate the handmade creations, as well as the passion, love and care hidden behind them.

The brand name is – of course – inspired by her beloved mum. Her first name is Polyxeni on which she made a “play on words” and she created the word “Polyplexi”. It is a synthesis of two Greek words “POLY” + “PLEXI”.  “POLY” means “a lot” and “PLEXI” means “crochet” – exactly as her mum and Vasiliki who have both crocheted a lot in their lives. Vasiliki added the word “MISS” to add her personal touch and find her identity behind all these bespoke handmade bags.

We are glad to receive your everyday appreciation of our handmade work. Keep spreading the “good words” around the globe and keep contacting us to send us pictures of your very own MISS POLYPLEXI bags and your lovely outfit combinations. We feel grateful when we receive your love. This makes us stronger to keep focused on our journey of creativity and make you feel even more unique!